The Digital World We Live In

The landscape of the internet has changed many, many times since the first website was created. We have seen sites go from simple static online information kiosks to database driven sites to online stores and blogs where information goes globally viral within minutes. Along with these “soft” changes, how we view these sites has also changed drastically over the years. We now view websites on our phones and tablets as thin as credit cards. In fact, we rely so much on these devices that sites are developed to do more and more things for us “on the go,” including listening to music, watching movies, reading books and blogs, and purchasing everything from food to supplies to travel tickets and beyond. It’s rather amazing!

That being said, I like to work with my clients to find out exactly what they think they’ll need on their website initially and develop from there. Though I can program and develop code for sites myself, I have recently found that for ease of use and cost-effectiveness using existing CMS sites tends to work best for most of my clients. CMS means Content Management System, which allows my clients to add and remove content on their own after the initial design is in place. One example, WordPress, now offers enough flexibility with design capabilities, where I can assemble and develop visually attractive and appealing websites while still harnessing all of the power that comes with them.

What is that power? Well, first and foremost, in order to be searched, sites need to be responsive. I explain this on the SEO page on this site. WordPress sites can host a blog actually on the site, which is also beneficial for SEO. A blog also allows the site owner to add content to their site in their own words as frequently as they desire. These sites can also have various eCommerce and payment collection options, streaming videos without embedding them in pages, and much more. All of this not making much sense? Just know this - I can build anything you need into a website to serve any purpose you have in mind while keeping it easy to navigate, optimized, and beautifully designed to fit your brand.