Sourcing Everything Else Needed

Finding the things you need used to be difficult due to sparseness. These days it can be difficult because of too many options. So many online businesses offer great deals on printing and fabrication; add in a slew of reviews and you’ve got the recipe for complete confusion. One printer can get your business cards for a hundred dollars and another for free while they both use different stocks. So how do you truly compare these services? Their products? How do you logically weigh your options? This is where I come in to help.

I have been in the design industry for a couple of decades now and during that time I have used a wide variety of sources for everything from printing to photography to illustrators to programmers and so on. Although sometimes the reviews you read online about any given business are true, they can also be totally false. And that goes for both good and bad reviews. Really, the best test of a vendor/talent’s quality and standards is from personal experience. I have developed relationships with many individuals and companies across the country (and some internationally) and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly first hand.

This is part of what makes my design and branding services even better. Knowing when and where to get good stock imagery versus hiring a photographer for aesthetic and legal purposes has helped in numerous projects. I’ve hired illustrators, copywriters, professional proofreaders, sign fabricators and installation experts, and more over the years to get my clients exactly what they needed for their short-term and long-term design and branding goals. The point is that I use my many years of cultivated relationships to directly benefit my clients so they don’t have to guess whether or not the guy printing their business cards is going to do a good job, be easy to work with, and get them the finished product in the best quality and timeframe possible.