SEO Up The Searchable Ladder

SEO… the big buzzword of the decade. It stands for Search Engine Optimization, which simply means that many details of a website, small and large, are fine-tuned to specifically cater to the demands of the search engines so they will return your site as high as possible in a user’s search results as the most relevant content found. You see, search engines are designed by people for people, so the math behind them is written to achieve results for that exact interaction. SEO is not a guarantee and can take some time to ramp up in effectiveness, but if done properly it can bring your site into the search results of those looking for your product, service, and message.

I am well-versed in SEO and make sure that every site that I build is initially optimized for as much ‘result impact’ as possible. If my clients choose to continue SEO maintenance with me, I then perform a variety of other SEO options which gets us into content writing, site maintenance, and more. If you want to really kick it into high gear and need some super serious all-time-consuming SEO help, I have several resources I work with that eat, sleep, and breathe website optimization that I can connect you with.

Another big note for SEO is that in order to even be searchable, websites need to be “responsive,” which simply means that they adjust to the device on which they’re being viewed. These sites “respond” the dimensions and resolution of phones, tablets, laptops, and more and alter their viewable presentation to fit said device. So, on phones and some tablets menus collapse to allow the design and integrity of the site design to continue to exist. Sometimes text and images are shifted into a more linear structure for easy one-finger touch scrolling. Every site I develop is responsive, whether WordPress, another CMS, or programmed by hand.