The Printed World We Live In

In a digital world, print media is still extremely important. We still have face-to-face interactions so business cards are still readily used. We visit numerous places throughout the day, so picking up a brochure or rack card are commonplace. We like to connect with potential new clients and customers, so posters and postcards fill that gap. We need to show appreciation, so holiday, greeting, and thank you cards are perfect for those occasions. Print media is thriving more than ever in this digital world because most people like to touch and feel a card or paper that is both informative and branded to match the connection they’ve made with a business or person.

My years of experience have taught me that print pieces aren’t going anywhere, regardless of the digital golden age we are within. Yes, we’ve lost some print works, such as CD covers, to the digital revolution. On the other hand, some of the print pieces we use have become even stronger, such as business cards, as an extension of the introduction to each other. Even booklets and self-promo pieces are making a comeback and the designs are stronger than ever.

At Karlfred Design, I like to take specific print items and work with the digital designs (existing or created by me) and do several things with them. Considering these pieces are going to be held and reviewed numerous times by the recipient, they need to convey some specific things. They need to be cohesive and current with their branding; matching everything together without being “identical” in look from piece to piece. They need to emotionally connect the recipient to the brand message being portrayed. And they need to be appropriate to the target audience. These and more are all considerations that I take into account when designing print pieces for any given brand.