Content is King; It's Your Message

Content. The stuff inside. The items in a purse. The meat of a sandwich. Well, let’s not forget the lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mustard in that sandwich - they’re important too. Content is very important and when it comes to communicating your brand and your message the content is crucial. This content is everything from the copy (writing), images, and videos. These items are essential to developing and promoting a good brand and I am well-versed and experience in content writing and image selection/manipulation.

Quality content writing is important for several reasons. It needs to read in a way that is relatable to our clients and customers. It needs to satisfy the SEO requirements for better ranking with the search engines. It needs to stay on point and be emotionless or packed full of as is necessary. It is not easy for many people to do this. I have been writing copy for years and for many industries from fitness to financial services to music and much more. I have had to write in a variety of styles to satisfy my client’s communication needs, all the while keeping in mind where the text is being viewed and by whom. Imagery and video are just as important, if not more so nowadays. As attention spans lessen, the need for unique and captivating imagery and video has become a critical detail within the design projects.

On this note, I will wrap SMM or Social Media Management into the mix because content plays a massive role in effectively using these social and networking sites to promote your brand. It’s not just what you put out there, but also when you post, tweet, comment, and share; how you combine or separate copy, images, and video; and which sites/blogs get which information to use. I have worked with social media and networking sites for clients for years, as they ever evolve, and it can overwhelming to someone who doesn’t understand and the nuances and reasoning behind every little blip of information put out there into the digital universe. I will help you navigate the sites you need to be a part of, steer you clear of unnecessary involvements, and teach you what you need to know in order to effectively use and create content for this social spiderweb.