Branding is the heart and soul of commerce communication. Your brand is represented through all facets of design, copywriting, and marketing. It’s the business card you hand a stranger. It’s the website that gets visited 24/7. It’s a full-page ad stopping readers in their tracks. It’s a “how-to” podcast or blog post series. It’s celebrating a moment in time on Instagram or responding to a review on Yelp. Your brand is the reason someone chooses to hire you; to purchase your products and services over your competitors. Your brand is always there – solid, growing, adapting, adjusting; constantly communicating and continually searching for new customers. You need to understand your brand’s potential and how to manage it or it will stop working for you. Karlfred Design understands how to establish, rebuild, manage, grow, and finesse your brand to achieve your goals.


If Branding is the What, then Design is the How. Just as important, Design is also in everything that represents your brand and communicates your message. Design is crucial to brand cohesion, meaning everything you print or develop online or market to your audience needs to be designed to make sense to your message and work together. True design is not as easy to find as you might think. There are a lot of artists and do some beautiful work, but the message suffers. There are also a lot of programmers out there creating powerful sites, but there’s no sense of organization and confusion kills the message. Then, some actual designers marry the creative with technology to make sure your message is strong, focused, and easily understood in any media. Karlfred Design has one goal in mind – to communicate your message to your audience. That’s it. Simple and successful.


Marketing – the Who, Where, When, and Why of it all. Marketing is knowing who your target audience is. It’s knowing where you will have the most success with advertising, posting, and communicating your brand message. It’s finding the best times to get that message out to specific groups of potential customers. And it’s understanding why those people need what you’re selling and why they will come back with more repeat business. You can have the most solid brand and the best-designed collateral and media out there, but if your marketing falls short, you won’t have any growth. Marketing is designed to help grow your customer count, get customers to visit your site or store, help people decide to try your products or services and to help consumers understand your business by establishing trust. Karlfred Design develops plans and goals for marketing, posting, advertising, and so on in order to turn your message into success and profitability.